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While no one is “safe” on the Internet, online harassment of women gamers, contributors, and content-creators is pervasive and detrimental. This wiki will explore the modern day “troll,” the implications of provoking female content-creators, and the efforts to minimize harmful language in certain online-spaces. Edit

Check out what we've discussed so far:
Intro to Trolls--gives you a brief introduction to the wiki and the topic of trolling at large.
Rules of Engagement--wanna contribute to our wiki? READ THESE FIRST!
Dickwolves--a topic that was largely un-discussed in mainstream media which sheds light on the greater perception society has about women, and how it has contributed to our portrayal across platforms.
Revenge Porn--how the Internet serves as a platform to degrade women without their consent.
She's Got Game: Gamergate Scandal--everyone's favorite topic! How Gamergate served as a means to abuse, call out, and criticize women for speaking out.
In summary...a quick summary of all topics discussed and how you, audience member, can play your part!

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4.     All facts, statistics, and sources shared will be fact checked before posted to ensure the sharing of accurate material. Edit


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